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May 23, 2017,

Merger of game development studios within Rockaway Ventures: Dreadlocks acquires Silicon Jelly

Merger of game development studios within Rockaway Ventures: Dreadlocks acquires Silicon Jelly

A merger of game development studios has occurred within the Rockaway group’s start-up division. Dreadlocks Ltd, which to date has focused mainly on developing games for computers and game consoles, is taking the mobile studio Silicon Jelly s.r.o. under its wing. That latter studio now bears the name Dreadlocks Mobile.

Both of the game development studios are part of the portfolio of the Rockaway investment group, which initiated the acquisition: “The merger of these two studios was more than logical and will bring forth a number of synergies, not only by combining the two user groups, but also by creating synergies at the marketing and product level. Games available only on mobile phones will have versions for computers and vice versa,” says Viktor Fischer, head of Rockaway Ventures, commenting on the acquisition.

Speaking about the acquisition, Michal Červenka, CEO of Dreadlocks Ltd and the new CEO of Silicon Jelly s.r.o., said: “Dreadlocks originally started out as a company that developed only mobile games, but immediately after the first game, we transitioned to the computer and console market and we put our projects for mobile platforms on ice. Thanks to this acquisition, we are able to revive our earlier concepts and, at the same time, push the Mimpi game series to a higher level. We believe that all 3.5 million fans of the popular dog will be excited by this acquisition, mainly thanks to the new content that we are currently working on and the game’s availability on other platforms.”

The first game issued under the Dreadlocks Mobile name will be a story-logic game called Rune Legends. “Our latest game, Rune Legends, is derived from our very first game, Rune Legend, which gave our company its start and is now kicking off the new mobile division,” Červenka adds.