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September 29, 2016,

Culture Rocks conference will show the influence of corporate culture on modern companies

Culture Rocks conference will show the influence of corporate culture on modern companies

Successful companies have strong corporate culture – this is a statement which COCUMA, Rockaway and STRV agree on. On 1st November they organize conference called Culture Rocks which will host leaders of modern companies working in various fields.

“We believe that corporate culture makes a big difference between companies where people want and do not want to work. That is why we have decided to organize a meeting where we will discuss the situation in companies of 21st century and how they work with their people. We will introduce you companies for which corporate culture and their emotional identity on the market is crucial,” said Petr Skondrojanis, co-founder of COCUMA who has been working in HR for more than 20 years.

“Many things have been said about corporate culture. We have decided to go further and show examples of companies for which corporate culture is more than just a buzzword,” said Viktor Kustein from Rockaway. “We want to address specific things, speak openly, and provoke discussion. We bring a small-scale concept with the goal to connect all who realize that corporate culture is about people and approach, not about branding and promo materials.”

There will be great speakers talking about things they have never discussed at any other conference. “There will be Petr Šimůnek from Forbes, Oliver  Dlouhý from Kiwi.com, Viktor Kustein from Rockaway, Tomáš Bača from Eyelevel, Tomáš Braverman from Heureka and  Lubo Smid from STRV,” Kustein added.

The conference will take place in new STRV offices at Rohanske nabrezi. “When we were planning and building the offices, the key point was that it should reflect our corporate culture. We believe that our offices show how to reflect soul of the company in working environment. We are happy to support events like this and that is why we have there special Event Space which can accommodate 250 people. Afterparty will take place on the top floor where we have our own bar — Scrollbar, ” Lubo Smid said.

“Somebody may find the price of 1100CZK per one ticket a bit costly, but 500 CZK from each ticket will be used for HR presentation of selected non-profit organization. They often do not have enough money to afford a profile on COCUMA or somewhere else, but they also need professionals. Moreover, they often have great corporate culture; there is some kind of solidarity and empathy in their DNA, ” Skondrojanis said. “That is why we decided to give part of the profit from the conference to create a profile for them and help them find the right people for their teams. And most importantly, we will show the world what they do and why they do it. It may seem to be just a small thing, but I really believe it makes sense.”

Conference Culture Rocks will take place on 1st November 2016 in STRV offices in Prague. You can find more information on www.culturerocks.czFacebook event is here.