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We don’t offer you a job. We offer you growth. The opportunity to learn new things every day. Because from the day we started, we haven’t had the convenience to stagnate. And if you don’t want to stagnate either, we are waiting for you.

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Data report analyst

Do Business Intelligence týmu hledáme analytika nebo analytičku s nadšením pro čísla, grafy a reporty. V tuto chvíli disponujeme několika stovkami reportů na platformě GoodData a potřebovali bychom najít analytika, který nám naše řešení pomůže vyčistit, vyladit a dál samostatně rozvíjet. Chceme, aby naše informace v dashboardech spolu “hrály” a naši byznys uživatelé měli k dispozici všechny potřebné informace. Náš tým to tak dobře neumí, proto hledáme tebe.




ThreatMark is a young Venture Capital-backed company building its success on revolutionary technology fighting fraud and cyber threats in online environment. We are building unique behavioral biometry-augmented fraud detection systems based on latest AI. Threatmark products have been fully designed and developed internally and represent a true global disruption in cyber-security. They are currently successfully sold to financial institutions, incl. banks, but may be applicable in a variety of other online threat and fraud detection situations.



Right now in this category we are not looking for anyone. But feel free to contact us — new vacancies occur around us every day.

Law, Finance and HR

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